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Michael Rubin Considered Candidate To Eventually Become Majority Owner of NBA Team.

Michael Rubin, minority owner of the Philadelphia 76ers , is considered a candidate to eventually become a majority owner of an NBA team. Some around the league believe it is a matter of ‘when’ and not an ‘if’.

Rubin had the opportunity to purchase the 76ers in 2011 when he was approached by then-majority owner Ed Snider. Rubin declined and months later joined the bid of Josh Harris and David Blitzer. Rubin is also executive chairman of Fantics

“I only did it because David Stern told me to do it,” Rubin told Sports Illustrated. Good owners aren’t buying franchises because they think it’s a good economic deal. They’re buying franchises because they’re a huge fan of the sport and they want to be a steward of that team. If they just do it because of a good economic deal, they’re going to be bad owners”.

Adam Silver commented on Rubin as a potential majority owner.

“Michael has all of the characteristics that we would look for in a team owner”, said Silver. “He’s smart, innovative and passionate, wants to give back to his community and loves the game”.

Rubin would have to divert his interest in the 76ers which is a similar path Joe Lacob took going from the Celtics to the Warriors as well as Vivek Ranadive from the Warriors to the Kings.


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